Bathed with Love is dedicated to helping parents provide positive bathing experiences for their babies and toddlers. Janis, founder of Bathed with Love, has four young children and a wonderful husband. In an attempt to find the “perfect” bath tub before her youngest was born, she discovered the TummyTub. At the time, it was only offered in Canada and overseas, and she had to pay a small fortune in shipping to have it delivered. Yet, it was worth its weight in gold! Little Johnny (pictured) arrived February 16, 2008 and has been using it since his first bath. With an earnest desire to share this amazing product, Janis began importing TummyTub products directly from the manufacturer in Germany. Hence…. Bathed with Love was born! As an advocate of attachment parenting and natural baby products, she has enjoyed experimenting with other high quality bath time essentials on Johnny. If they receive mom and baby approval, they are happily added to the inventory.

At Bathed with Love our goal is to offer baby bath products that gently introduce babies to their new world. Harsh chemicals, rough and scratchy towels, and cold bath tubs simply will not do! There are excellent alternatives to the old standbys out there, and our goal is to bring them to you. Natural bathing for natural babies….only the best!

As a business, Bathed with Love strives to bring the best in customer service. Please contact us with any questions or comments you might have by email: or send a message here.