Deep bronze skin is an asset as it signifies good health and natural beauty. Getting a perfect tan is possible without the harmful UV rays by using a self tanner. Self tanning products, also known as sunless tanners, are products that react with the skin to develop a tan. Tanning sprays, creams, lotions, and tanning bed use are common sunless tanning solutions available to the modern men and women.

Why should you choose natural self tanners?

People have different motivations as to why they opt to tan without the help of the sun. Here are some of them:

– Sunbathing exposes the skin to dangerous ultraviolet rays. Sunburn doesn’t look good on anybody.
– Overexposure to sunlight is potentially dangerous as this activity can increase skin cancer risk.
– You don’t get an even tan when you soak up the sun.
– Premature skin aging is one direct effect of long periods of sun exposure. Tan skin with wrinkles and fine lines isn’t a good combination at all.

A natural fake tan using self tanners is just as good as the bronze tan results from sunbathing. There’s only a few slight differences between these two tanning methods. Use of tanning products should never stop you from soaking up the sun once in a while. The sun is the best source of Vitamin D, a nutrient that facilitates the development of bones and is an important contributor to muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory health.

Sunless tanning is a better option for us as this method is safe, convenient, and deliver the same, if not, better results than natural tanning under the sun.

Why should you choose Eco Tan?

There is no shortage of companies that sell sunless tanning goodies. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these products contain high doses of DHA- the main ingredient that facilitates sunless tanning, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, and chemicals that are harmful to health.

Eco Tan revolutionized the tanning game with its certified organic, all-natural sunless tanning solutions. Only a few companies can guarantee the safety and efficacy of their sunless tanning solutions. With Eco Tan by Sonya, you have nothing to worry about as all ingredients are derived from Mother Nature. In addition, Eco Tan is vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. It enhances its products by combining the beauty and power of nature to give you the best self tanner formulations that your skin will love.

If you want a natural self tanner that guarantees no streaks, quick drying times, and even bronze skin, do yourself a favor by buying Eco Tan tanning products. We are one of the few online Eco Tan stockists that sell the complete range of Eco Tan sunless tanners and skincare sun essentials, too!

You don’t need a professional to give you that glorious tan. With Eco Tan, you can get that luxurious bronze skin right at the comfort of your home!